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Educational and Outreach Concerts:


We are currently planning these concerts, please check our website regularly for further news about NYFO. 

To learn more about NYFO Educational and Outreach Programs, please clike here



DATE: Saturday, MAY 2, 2015 at 1:00 pm & 1:50 pm

PLACE: Paramus Catholic School (Paramus, New Jersey)

Conductor: Hideaki Hirai

Program: W. A. Mozart: Eine kleine Nachtmusik

               W. A. Mozart: Overture to the "Marriage of Figaro"

               Kozaburo Hirai: Tombo-no-megane ("Dragonfly's glasses")

               Teiichi Okano: Furusato ("Homeland")

               L. v. Beethoven: "Ode to Joy" from the Symphony No. 9

               J. Pachelbel: Canon

               J. S. Bach: Air on the G string

Presenter: Japanese Educational Institue of New York






Fundraising Events:

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